harebell marbled whiteOur archive of downloadable Microsoft Word documents. These were mostly written in the 1990’s and although some data is not of the moment, they still contain a wealth of important and helpful information.



Butterfly Table

Sets out the larval food sources and preferred nectar sources of our native butterflies.

Plants for Bees, Butterflies & Insects

A useful short list of plants that benefit bees, butterflies and insects.

Grassland Wildflowers

Covers the use of seed and plants to create wildflower grasslands.

Woodland Wildflowers

Sets out the exciting new area of enriching the field layer with wild flowers under tree shade.

Native Orchids

Native Orchids have only recently been propagated, using the techniques developed by the Sainsbury Laboratory at Kew, and this article explains where they should be planted and their subsequent management.

Wildflower Specifications

Enables the designer to find out the environmental and management needs of our most popular wild flowers and their value to butterflies.


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