cabbage white on thistleReally Wild Flowers is the brand name of H.V. Horticulture Ltd.  We specialise in the supply of British native plants and seed material, an expertise we have been developing for over 25 years. We are a major supplier of Britain’s indigenous flora and as part of the service we provide in-depth technical advice.

Products & Technology

We carry a diverse range of wildflower plug plants – most of our plug plants  are 40cc in size (click to see photo) and to a lesser extent some larger plants (5,7,9cm).

In addition, we supply native bulbs in the autumn as well as a range of tree and hedgerow plants in the winter months.

The range of seed cocktails has been designed to reflect realistic natural combinations.  Our seed mixes include not only the main grassland habitats but also specialist seed mixes (e.g. to attract butterflies, or for under-sowing hedgerows, and yellow rattle to suppress grass growth) as well as a seed mix for woodlands.

All our seed material of wild flowers are species native to Britain as are our plants.  Great for providing pollen and nectar for bees, butterflies and other insects.

You have the benefit of specialised production combined with the facility to order all your requirements from one company.