All you need to create wonderful native wild flower meadows and gardens.  Because gardening is seasonal and the weather oh so changeable, not all plants are available all year round, but many are.  If a plant is not currently available, you will find an “Enquire” button instead of “Add to Cart”.

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  • Wildflower plug plants

    Wildflower plug plants

    Wildflower plug plants native to the UK, available as individual species. Minimum order 50.
    Click on the individual plant name for more details

  • Wildflower collections

    Wildflower collections

    Collections of plug plants drawn from native British species. Available most of the year. Do remember to water the plants until established.

    For details, click on the Collection name.
    Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of plants.

  • Wildflower seed mixes

    Wildflower seed mixes

    A choice of British wildflower seeds and grass mixes, ideal for creating wildflower meadows. Most are available throughout the year but AUTUMN and SPRING are best for sowing. SOW YELLOW RATTLE SEED IN THE AUTUMN.

  • Hedgerow Collections

    Hedgerow Collections

    Available only in the Winter months – November to March. Our 3 Hedgerow Collections are 60-90cm plants. In addition to ordering Hedgerow Collections you can add other species in multiples of 10 from the Hedging Plants & Shrubs department. We also have spiral guards to protect the young hedge plants from rabbits.

  • Hedging Plants & Shrubs

    Hedging Plants & Shrubs

    Individual species of native hedge plants grown in the UK from UK seed. Available November to March. These bare-rooted, native hedge plants are sold in multiples of 10 and most are available at both 40-60cm & 60-90cm sizes. If rabbits are a problem, then protect the plants with our spiral guards and canes. CLICK ON THE NAME OF THE PLANT FOR MORE DETAILS. MINIMUM ORDER OF 30 PLANTS.

  • Wildflower Turf

    Wildflower Turf

    Wild flower and grass turf normally available all year round.

  • Bulbs


    British Winter and Spring flowering bulbs. Large quantities of bulbs are best planted in the Autumn.