A good hedgerow plant with attractive autumn colour...
Latin name: Cornus sanguinea
Position: Sunny
Soil Type/Habitat: Damp
Food source: Larval
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Common Dogwood is a red stemmed deciduous shrub which grows well as a hedging plant. It prefers full sun and does not like very dry soil.

It is a food plant of the Green Hairstreak butterfly larva and in the autumn the berries provide food for birds.

Bare-root plants are available at 40-60 cm or 60-90 cm size.


PLEASE NOTE: Minimum order for Hedgerow Plants is 30 plants.  (This could be 10 each of 3 different species.)  If ordering in addition to a Hedgerow Collection, then any number can be ordered.  Despatches start in late November.

For protection from rabbits, use our spiral guards and canes.


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A good hedgerow plant with attractive autumn colour...

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